The Lanzante P1LM, by Oli Tennent

For alot of petrolheads, the McLaren P1 may top of their wishlist.  So what tops a P1 owners wishlist ? Well if (and only if) you own a P1, McLaren will invite you to purchase a P1GTR, the non-road legal race car version of the P1, with 986bhp, and at a cost of just under £2m !

Now, the lucky chap or chapess who owns a P1 and a P1GTR, can go a step further …  UK specialist Lanzante will take the non-road legal P1GTR, and make it road legal for you!  This is a very serious road car, serious enough to have taken the record away from the Nio EP9 hypercar ( which we retouched here) for the fastest road legal production car to lap the Nurburgring, which it did in just 6m43.2 seconds.  Lanzante came off the track, and then drove the car all the way back to the UK !

Oli Tennent shot the car on its return and we retouched and graded the images here:







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