The Worlds Largest Automotive Image, for Bentley

After several months work, we can finally reveal this extraordinary project we worked on with photographer Simon Stock, on behalf of Bentley Motors.  Used to launch the new Extended Wheel Base Mulsanne, to demonstrate Bentleys ethos “from the grandest of gestures to the smallest of details” this gigapixel image allows you to zoom in from an epic vista of the iconic Goldengate Bridge, right into the Mulsanne, and into the 4500 stitches that make up the embroidered wings on the from seat !

The Gigapixel image is made up of some 700 stitched captures, and has 53,000,000,000 pixels !


Please click the image below to experience the ‘zoomability’ of the image on Bentleys website:

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 21.57.47



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